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Facials, body waxing, botox, and our other spa services at Oak Bark Wellness will leave you feeling your best.



Myofunctional Therapy

Breathe and sleep better using Myofunctional Therapy, while utilizing exercises that help train the muscles around your mouth and tongue to relax during everyday life, which will help your jaw and mouth to feel better.

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Located across the hall from Oak Bark Dental, Oak Bark Wellness was created by Dr. Kristina Palmer to expand airway-focused specialties, wellness services, and relaxation for new and existing patients to feel their best.

Oak Bark Wellness

Meet Our Team

Dr. Kristina Palmer grew up in Williamston, MI. She is the youngest in a family of nine children. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Michigan State University and after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, she moved to Milwaukee, WI to attend dental school at Marquette University. After graduating, Dr. Palmer was excited to return back home to practice near her large, close-knit family.

Dr. Palmer has consistently pursued continuing education across the country with the most sought-after educators in the field. She has completed the entire curriculum at the prestigious Dawson Academy in Flordia. Dr. Palmer has a special interest in airwayconscious dentistry for adults and children, treatment of ankyloglossia (tongue and lip-ties) from infancy through adulthood, and orthodontics. Learn more!

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Lactation Consulting

Airway and Breathing

Myofunctional Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

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About Us

Dr. Kristina Palmer realized there was a synergy between the dental world and services that were often offered in the med spa industry, but there wasn’t a place where patients could get services from both. Working with patients on a short-term basis for services like Myofunctional Therapy and others, she saw there was a gap in overall wellness. Thanks to her amazing team, she was able to spend additional time training to expand the services that help patients as a whole.

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(517) 376-4238
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3333 S. Pennsylvania Ave., #201 Lansing, MI 48910

Oak Bark Wellness in Lansing, MI is a wellness spa with specialties for airway focused from infants through adulthood, spa services, Botox, and more.


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